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Optometrist Huntington beach | Huntington Beach Optometry
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Optometrist Huntington beach

Atlantis Eyecare Huntington Beach is a premier destination for any patient’s eye care needs. In addition to our state of the art office and convenient location, our eye doctors are among the best in the business, possessing the experience and competence to ensure the best possible outcome. Each of them has traveled extensively to educate others on their innovative breakthroughs in the field of ocular health. While this office is capable of treating virtually any eye condition, our doctors have placed attention and care on the subject of cataracts, this being among the most common eye afflictions. If you’re in the market for cataract treatment, our optometry team delivers one of the best cataract surgery in the area.

Eye care services in Huntington Beach

At Atlantis Eyecare, our comprehensive optometry facility contains all necessary technology and equipment to stay on the cutting edge of eye care procedures and vision preservation. While patients can visit our office to receive routine eye exams and prescriptions, we also provide a full array of surgical vision correction procedures, including:

Cataract surgery

Clouding of the lens is a serious matter and can lead to eventual blindness. Atlantis Eyecare offers one of the most comprehensive cataract surgery Huntington Beach has to offer. Talk to one of our Huntington Beach cataract surgeons to talk about eye lens replacements that may be suitable for you. Together, you will walk through every step of your cataract surgery during your consultation before making any final decisions on treatment options.


As one of the most popular of all medical procedures, LASIK surgery has helped countless Huntington Beach patients achieve perfect vision in a safe, rapid procedure with minimal downtime. We understand that even laser-assisted surgery can seem invasive & daunting, so we highly encourage our Huntington Beach patients to schedule a consultation at our Huntington Beach Atlantis Eyecare location so that you can learn everything there is to know about LASIK laser eye surgery before you make your decision. Rest assured, our LASIK specialists have completed thousands of these procedures successfully and have earned their titles as our Huntington Beach LASIK experts.

Cosmetic eye care

For those suffering from an excess of fat or skin in the eyelids, our doctors also have cosmetic expertise, using excision techniques to remove the excess and restore a youthful appearance. If you are unsatisfied with the appearance of your eyes, a Huntington Beach blepharoplasty may be a great option for you to give you the youthful, bright eyes that you desire. Schedule a consultation with one of our skilled Huntington Beach ophthalmologists to see if blepharoplasty is the right option for you.

Glaucoma treatment

As leaders of treatment for glaucoma, the Huntington Beach optometrists at Atlantis Eyecare are fluent in all techniques to handle glaucoma and restore the optic nerve to its full function. The best way to stay ahead of this daunting eye disease is by coming in for your regular eye exams. This silent eye disease can only be detected during comprehensive eye examinations as the full scale effect of the eye disease do not develop & present itself until much later, severe stages of glaucoma. If you or a loved one has not had an eye exam in quite some time or believe to be experience symptoms associated with glaucoma, we highly encourage you to make an appointment at any one of our convenient locations spanning across the South Bay & OC.


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Optometrist Huntington beach | Huntington Beach Optometry Optometrist Huntington beach | Huntington Beach Optometry Optometrist Huntington beach | Huntington Beach Optometry